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Five Key Elements of Financial Management

1. Bring the Numbers to Life - Monthly Reporting Package
  • Financial Statements
  • Comparison with Budgets
  • Comparison with Prior Periods
  • Trend Analysis
  • Explanation of What’s Behind the Numbers
  • Recommendations for actions and improvements
2. Build the Metrics for Success
  • Weekly / Monthly Statistics and Graphs
  • Cost Analysis of Major Items and Special Opportunities
  • Productivity Information and Effective Wage Rates
  • Performance against Compensation Plans
  • Make vs. Buy or Lease vs. Purchase Analysis
  • Profitability of Jobs, Customers or Products
3. Manage the Cash
  • Collect Receivables
  • Prioritize Disbursements
  • Project Cash Requirements
  • Formulate Debt Structure
  • Support Banking Relationships with Credible Information
  • Look for Ways to Enhance Cash-flow like Progress Payments
4. Project & Protect
  • Establish Benchmarks & Budgets
  • Oversee Granting of Credit
  • Review and Approval Procedures over Disbursements
  • Cost Accounting & Job Cost Systems
  • Ensure Tax & Regulatory Compliance
  • Implement Internal Controls
  • Seek Competitive Bids
  • Facilitate Preparation of a Financial Plan
  • Evaluate Pricing Strategies
  • “Mind the Store”
5. Supply the Financial Perspective
  • Assist in Setting the Company’s Strategic Direction
  • Supervise the Accounting Function, Serving as Coach and Mentor to the Staff
  • Proactively Address the Financial Impact of Problems and Opportunities
  • Be an Objective Sounding Board
  • Bring all of the Above Facts & Knowledge Together to Improve Management Decisions
  • Responsibility for External Banking Relationships