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CFO to Go

Comparative Analysis

Internal Financial Management Resources vs. P&L’s CFO to Go Solution

Typical Senior Finance/Accounting Roles

Full-time Controller (Organizations with Revenue <$50M)
  • Salary $70K - $90K
  • Supervise all Accounting Functions
  • Budgets & Projections
  • Cash Management
  • Basic Special Projects and Analysis
Full-time CFO (Organizations with Revenue >$50M)
  • Salary $110K - $150K
  • Supervise Controller Duties
  • Financing and Banking Relationship
  • Financial Viewpoint on Management Team
  • Advisor to Business Owner
  • May Oversee IT and HR
  • Special Projects like Acquisitions
  • Help Set Strategic Direction
FTE Salaries: $180K - $240K

P&L’s CFO to Go Solution

  • Flat Monthly Retainers
  • Hourly Project Rates
  • Prepurchased Hourly Packages
  • Financial arrangements that fit your budget
  • Only purchase what you need